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MoneyGram and Poste Italiane

Transfer money - two service levels

  • Same day service: fast  (funds typically arrive in minutes)*
  • Delayed service: low cost option (funds typically arrive  the next business day)**

Send money with MoneyGram and Poste Italiane
Review the simple steps below, to learn how to send money.

Step 1  -  Find a Post Office  which offers MoneyGram  service with our locator

Step 2 -   Visit your local  Post Office - Bring with you one valid identification.

  • Requirements vary by country. Please ask your local  Post Office  for details about their ID documents accepted.   

Step 3  -  Complete the  international money transfer form; you can find it in the post office. If you prefer you can also download the form and print it at home.

  • Hand the completed form to the teller  along with the money you want to send, plus fees.***
  • You'll receive a receipt and reference number for the transaction1.
  • Save both for your records and share with the person receiving the money transfer.

Step 5  -  Contact the person receiving your money transfer

  • Let the person to whom you are sending money know the transfer has been sent and provide the Reference Number.

Have more questions about how to send money?  Visit our FAQ and help pages.

^Requirements vary by country and agent. Please ask your local MoneyGram agent for details about their process and procedures.
+Important: Your name on the transfer record must exactly match your name as it appears on your ID. If they do not match you be delayed or unable to pick up your funds.
1The Reference Numb er is not required by all receive countries or agents.